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The Cameron Boyce Foundation

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The Cameron Boyce Foundation (est. 2019) provides young people creative outlets to help change the world, honoring Cameron’s legacy by supporting the causes important to him.

Cameron Boyce was extraordinary… not someone who could be placed in a box, or simplified down to a label. As such, the Foundation created in his honor is just as multi-faceted as he was. We provide young people with creative outlets to support the causes that Cameron was passionate about: ending gun violence and clean water. We will also advocate for epilepsy awareness. Follow us to continue the conversation.


“We all go. What you leave should be bigger than you.”


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Honoring Cameron

Everyone loved Cameron, and we’ve been asked many times, “What can I do?” Here are 3 simple things you can do now to honor his legacy:

  1. Follow the Foundation’s Instagram, as well as our Wielding Peace campaign — and please, join in the conversation!

  2. Participate in any way you can: donations, activism, getting involved in one of our causes … generally, doing something good for people or the planet.

  3. Check out our FAQ for more ideas on how to get involved. More >


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